4 things you need to do right now to love work!

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

I know what you’re thinking… work fun? Bull sh*t! At Tiny Stays we are firm believers in working to live not living to work. We spend a massive portion of our life at work (graph below) – so why the heck would we do something that we hate!

Did you just look at that graph and think “Crap that’s a large portion of my life on the grind. Why aren't I doing something that I'm passionate about?” Not too long ago we were thinking the exact same thing. Then BAM…. Tiny Stays was born.

Let's get into it! 4 simple things you can do to help you LOVE your job: *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

1) Figure Out How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit:

First things first: Unfortunately we can’t all go quit our jobs tomorrow and become pro football players because football is our passion. You're going to have to think outside the square for this one! I've attached a free PDF at the end of this article to help show you how you can turn your passion into profit. For example, when we were figuring out our passion we brainstormed the things that we LOVE doing:

- Connecting with nature - Exploring - Off-grid livin’ - Building

- Travel - Photography

After identifying our passions we brainstormed ways in which we could turn these passions into a business. This is where building tiny houses & unique off-grid accommodation came into the equation.

After you have identified your dream job – it’s time to make it a reality!

This example may be starting small by let’s say… ummm… you LOVE making cupcakes. Start baking cupcakes, make a Facebook or Instagram page to market your cupcakes. And there you have it, you now have a side hustle business in addition to your main 9-5 regular job. Identify the level at which you'd like to grow your cupcake business to and work at it every day. Doing something you love part time will make you a lot happier in your 9-5 job because you have an end goal in sight. You now know that your current full time job which you dislike may only be temporary as you're creating your dream cupcake lifestyle! YEWWW!

Once you become an authority at making cupcakes, it’s time to go BIG-er. Have you thought about scaling your business further? Getting employees? Opening a store? Creating an online course or e-book on how to make AMAZING cupcakes? Some people would love to know how to bake the perfect cupcake. Through creating an online course or ebook on how to bake cupcakes you've just created an asset that can generate income for you in the future.

2) Be grateful for little wins at work:

Start appreciating the small things that happen within your workplace during the week. Do you work with AWESOME co-workers that have now become close friends? Is it ‘Wear your PJs to work Wednesday”? Did you go for an amazing walk in the sun on your lunch break? There are so many things we take for granted during the work day because we focus on the negative things that happen to us. It's powerful how much your mood can change if you trade your expectation for appreciation & put a damn smile on your face – our happiness will spread throughout the workplace!!

3) Take your annual leave!

Did you know 46% of people don’t take their designated annual leave each year? Let me promise you something, no matter how important you are at your job and how much you think you don’t have time to take your leave, it’s not true. The world is still going to keep spinning if you take a few days off to enjoy a mid-week break away to arr- let's say... our tiny house ;) Take some time to escape from your emails, reconnect with nature & create new memories with your loved ones. Think you can’t afford a getaway? – Putting aside a small portion of your pay each week will makes saving for an epic holiday or small getaway every few months simple… Having something to look forward to makes your job more enjoyable. If you know you are going on holidays in 6 weeks you are going to be much happier at work than if you think you are going to be stuck in that prison for the next 11 years with no break.

TIP: Book your small getaways in advance so you have something to look forward to. Tiny Stays has discounted accommodation throughout the working week to help you refresh & revitalise.

4) Don’t sweat the small stuff

You wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t had a point in time where you'd been stressing about something to do with work. Stress causes you to make mistakes at work... which causes you to stress more... and make more mistakes & then all you want to do is crawl up in a ball and sleep! I’m feeling ya. Let’s stop that. RIGHT NOW. What is the point of stressing over something that can’t be changed? Is it going to make a difference if you stress over it? We believe that life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you react to it. When you muck up, something doesn’t go your way, or the unthinkable happens and you have to take a sick day to go stay in a Tiny House to de-stress ;) – go with the flow, things will always work out. Take a deep breathe, and figure out a way to turn the negatives into positives. Remember work isn’t life, work is to pay for the moments to make your life worth living! YEWWW.

Good luck!

Love The Tiny Stays Team. xx

Click here to print off your free Passion To Profit Worksheet:

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