To ensure the safety and conservation of the land at all of our locations, we have a standard set of terms and conditions (Pet Terms and Conditions) for those who wish to bring their pet to a pet friendly property. You are responsible for reading and understanding all policies pertaining to pet-friendly homes. Failure to adhere to these terms will result in action taken by Tiny Stays. Please read the following Pet Terms and Conditions before booking with your pet.


All pet-friendly homes are clearly listed on our Site. Pets are strictly prohibited at any dwellings that are not listed as pet-friendly. Only cats and dogs are permitted pets. Any other pet must be requested by you and approved by us prior to booking. 


We have strict weight restrictions for all pets entering a dwelling or property. Under no circumstances are guests permitted to book a pet that weighs 15kg or more. We do not cater to any pets over 15kg.


No more than 2 pets (each under 15 kg) are permitted per booking.


Before booking, guests must share all registration documentation with us. We must acknowledge this with formal written approval before booking.


You must take care with all wildlife and livestock on the premises. We strictly prohibit interaction between any wildlife or livestock and your pet.


We nor the Landowner are liable for injury or loss of your pet during your stay. You are responsible for your pet’s safety and whereabouts throughout your stay with us.

Seasonal Baiting:
Please carefully read all communication provided by us before embarking. In some regional areas, local councils occasionally allocate wild dog baiting in certain farms across the country. During these times, we will communicate this information when it is provided to us. You are responsible for reading and understanding all communication provided.


You are responsible for understanding and adhering to the following before booking with your pet:All pets must be on a leash while on the property. Leashes must not exceed 2m in length. All pets must be supervised at all times and must not be left unattended. You are responsible for providing all food and amenities. You are responsible for cleaning up any waste or droppings made by the pet throughout the booking. This extends to the entire property, not just the immediate parameter of the dwelling. You are responsible for any additional cleaning costs where you have left the dwelling in an unacceptable condition, in our discretion. Any additional time incurred by our cleaners as a result of the dwelling being left in an unacceptable condition will result in a $40 charge and any failure to remove rubbish will result in a $35 charge per bag. You must ensure that their pets are free from parasites and fleas before they occupy the dwelling. Failure to do so will incur heavy fines due to the risk to wildlife and livestock on each property. A blanket must be used on surfaces inside the dwelling before pets lay down. Pets must use the blanket to sit, lay or sleep on. Bathing or cleaning a pet is strictly prohibited inside the dwelling. You are liable for any damages to the property, surrounding land, landowner assets and damage to or loss of\animals (including livestock and wildlife). You will be immediately evicted from the property if the pet is deemed noisy, disruptive or aggressive at any time.