Meet Aimee (Co-Founder):

Aimee went from studying beauty therapy to becoming a Plumber. She said she would always get a trade under her belt and then go chase her dreams.

Aimee was living a very materialistic lifestyle where it looked like she had it all: A house (+ large mortgage), and a brand new car (+ large car loan). She was working close to 70 hours a week to pay for it all at a very young age. She woke up one morning wanting change.

She sold her possessions and quit her job to travel around Australia in a van. Aimee knew that she wanted to live differently to the majority and is now chasing her dreams.

Meet Ben (Co-Founder):

Ben was en route to achieving the so called “Aussie dream”. He had a well paying corporate job as a Chartered Accountant, he had managed to save a sizeable house deposit and was on his way to buy his first home! Ben woke up one day tired of the long hours and the never ending rat race.

One day Ben decided to resign from his job and buy a one way flight to Southeast Asia. 4 years and 80+ countries later Ben has spent most of his time travelling to exotic destinations taking photos and living out of one small backpack. He has returned to Australia with a different outlook on life.

Meet Alex (Operations Lady):

Alex is your go to girl for anything and everything Tiny Stays. The most organised of the team - she keeps things together, makes sure shit gets done & is always there to answer any queries you may have about your glorious Tiny House Stay.

From plenty of banter & a damn good salad at Smoko, Alex also goes by the name 'Big Al' and is always working hard to gain that 'Employee Of The Month' Status. 

Meet Pete ("The Apprentice"):

Ben and Aimee are lucky enough to have their father Pete helping out on the tools during the build process. We joke around and call him our first year apprentice - however with 30+ years building experience he's one of the most valuable members of the team. On Ya Dad! We love you... when you're not bossing us around on the job site.